Isle of Jura Sgian Dubh with Dramascus Blade

Isle of Jura Sgian Dubh with Dramascus Blade

Rab has been making Sgian Dubhs for well over 20 years but this one is very special and personal; it was also crafted with help from some friends.
Greg Marr ( Glittering Edge ) forged the billet of ‘Dramascus’, which in this case was Damascus made from a combination of Jura whisky cask hoop, 52100 and O1 steel. Chris Grant used his metallurgical expertise to advise on the steels in use then took the Dramascus and crafted it into the stunning blade and created the sheath from deer leather. Renato Forno ( Scottish Gemstones ) cut and polished the pommel stone from a pebble Rab collected from the beach at Jura Distillery. Rab carved the handle from a stave of a Jura Whisky cask and inlaid a Sterling Silver crest he engraved with a stag head, while the lower ferrule is engraved with the Paps of Jura.
This was a very special and personal project as Rab grew up on the Isle of Jura where the family farmed at Feolin and would often collect hot draff from the Jura Distillery to feed to their cattle. He’s had the pleasure and honour of collaborating on various different projects for a number of years with Chris, Greg and Nat who are all exceedingly talented craftsmen in their own fields. This has been a great opportunity to bring their skills together for Rab’s own Sgian Dubh.

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