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Custom Sgian Dubh and Matching Ring

Custom Sgian Dubh and Matching Ring
We created this special set for Terry and his wife. The Sgian Dubh has a bog oak handle with Sterling Silver fittings, an Angus Black Marble pommel stone and a high carbon Damascus steel blade in a leather sheath. We engraved the Sterling Silver ring to match the ferrule band on the Sgian Dubh.
“Many thanks for the fantastic Sgian Dubh and matching ring. I presented them both to my wife today in celebration of our wedding anniversary (ring for her and Sgian Dubh for me). The details in the Sgian Dubh are unparalleled. The rich color and carving in the Fenland Bog Oak handle, the pattern in the Damascus steel blade, and the detail in the sterling silver ferrule combine for a one of a kind treasure. The Sgian Dubh and ring will be cherished by my wife and I. Thanks again for being masters of your trade. Your efforts and kindness are greatly appreciated.
Terry” Continue reading

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Custom Made Damascus Steel Earrings

We were commissioned by her husband Josh to create this pair of custom Damascus earrings as a special gift to his wife Lyzz for their 10th wedding anniversary (hence the ‘X’ engraving). The Damascus steel matches the design of a … Continue reading

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A Custom Sgian Dubh for a Special Wedding Gift

Sgian Dubh (Skean Dhu) in bog oak, silver and Damascus
Dave’s friends commissioned us to make this custom Sgian Dubh for his wedding. He sent us an email when he received it which he has very kindly allowed us to post: Continue reading

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Pictish Wedding Rings, Sgian Dubhs and Pendants – A Very Unique Set.

Pictish Wedding Rings, Sgian Dubhs and Pendants - A Unique Set.
We created this very unique set for a wedding, featuring a Pictish Wolf and Z-Rod along with Spirals and Knotwork. Continue reading

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A Family Set of Sgian Dubhs Carved from an Isle of Jura Whisky Barrel

A Family Set of Sgian Dubhs
Here’s a recently completed commission we made for Bryan, his brothers and his son.
The handles are carved from an Isle of Jura Whisky barrel and are inlaid with Sterling Silver clan and regimental crests. The blades are of Damascus steel and each individual’s initials are engraved on the lower silver ferrule band. The Pommels were of Fife Red Jasper and we provided a brooch from Nat at Scottish Gemstones with a matching stone.
Bryan kindly sent us his description of these Sgian Dubhs;
“Superb priceless sgian dubhs that will be worn with pride and honour.” Continue reading

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Pictish Wolves Engraved Sgian Dubh

Pictish Wolves Engraved Sgian Dubh
Pictish Wolves Engraved Sgian Dubh
Here’s a recent commission featuring the engraving of a pair a Pictish Wolves and the letter ‘S’ upon a Damascus blade. It’s very hard to photograph the diamond point engraving – it’s clear when it catches the light but otherwise doesn’t detract from the natural blade pattern so we have to angle the blade just right to catch it. The wolf design is recreated from a broken carved Pictish stone currently at Inverness Museum but originally from Ardross.
We were emailed the following quote;
“Stunning sgian dubh! Rab worked with me to get exactly what I needed and the custom engraving is amazing.” Continue reading

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A Whale Tooth Sgian Dubh

Whale Tooth Sgian Dubh
Here’s an unusual and very special commission, the handle is made from a whale tooth which was recovered by our customer from the carcass of a beached sperm whale. The back of the handle and the box are made from 5300 year old bog oak. The blade is made from Swedish Damasteel from the foundry we visited earlier in the year. On the lid of the box is an Iona Marble pebble found by the son, set in Sterling Silver and engraved with a personal message.
This was a very unusual and challenging project for me; however I enjoyed working with our customer to develop and shape his design and ideas and I’m very happy with the way it all came together.
Whale Tooth Sgian Dubh in bog oak box Continue reading

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