Sgian Dubh and matching Sgian Brew from Glen Urquhart Antler

Sgian Dubh and matching Sgian Brew from Glen Urquhart Antler

We crafted this Sgian Dubh and matching Sgian Brew for a wedding last month. Craig used his Sgian Dubh to cut his wedding cake, whilst the Sgian Brew was for his brother. The pair were made from a piece of cast antler which our son Max found whilst on the nearby hill, helping our neighbour with his cattle. The top and bottom of the handles are capped with Culloden Bog Oak and the blade and bottle opener are in Damascus steel.
Craig kindly sent his review;
“A huge thank you to Rab and his family for creating my Sgian Dubh and matching Sgian Brew! I cannot emphasise enough the care and craftsmanship that has gone into the pieces and the quality of work is amazing. He made the whole process very enjoyable from design through to completion and really made it that bit more special knowing who has made the Sgian Dubh rather than picking one off the shelf. Thanks again, it will serve me well for a very long time.”

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Sgian Brew and Kilt Pin set with Danish Amber

Sgian Brew and Kilt Pin set with Danish Amber

We were delighted to be asked to make this special pair of matching Sgian Brews and Kilt Pins for Andreas and Thomas’s wedding. They were able to provide us with some lovely Danish Amber, which we asked our friend Nat Forno at Scottish Gemstones to make into pommel stones for the Sgian Brews and a matching pair of cabochons for the Kilt pins.
The Sgian Brews have handles carved from 5300 year old Bog Oak and Damascus Steel ‘blades’, the fittings are made from Sterling Silver.
On receiving their commission, the couple kindly emailed us with the following:
Thank you so much for making them for us. They look even better than we imagined them. I was born into a family of artisans where good craftsmanship always has been highly valued. Therefore it’s extra special for me to be able to wear something truly handmade for my wedding.”

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Pictish Pendants Wedding Gifts in Titanium and Amethyst

We were commissioned by Isabel to design and create these unique pendants as wedding presents for Morag and Robyn whose pair of Pictish wedding rings we recently made.
The pendant design complements the rings and is engraved into Titanium, then set with beautiful Tayside Amethyst which was cut and polished for us by Scottish Gemstones. We developed the hues of the titanium to harmonise with the colours of the Amethyst.

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Custom Clan Crest Sgian Dubh in Culloden Bog Oak with Damasteel Blade and Embossed Sheath

Custom Clan Crest Sgian Dubh in Culloden Bog Oak with Damasteel Blade and Embossed Sheath

This Sgian Dubh was custom made for Cameron’s birthday.
We carved his handle from 4200 year old Culloden Bog Oak and inlaid it with a Sterling Silver insert, which we cut and engraved with his clan crest.
A pommel stone was cut from Angus Black Marble by our friend Nat at Scottish Gemstones.
The leather sheath is embossed with the stag from the clan crest. We crafted the blade from Damasteel (Swedish Stainless Steel Damascus).
Cameron kindly wrote a review of his Sgian Dubh:

“For anyone wondering if they are after a custom sgian dubh or if they are worth the price I hope this post will help them decide if it is right for them, but if so I highly recommend Rainnea with Rab and Co`s work.

I first contacted Rab over a year before the blade was finished and this was due to me wanting to have all the funds for the sgian dubh ready before he even started working on the blade. From this I can say that Rab and his team are incredibly patient when it comes to customers requests, even when I was wanting to see different parts on the handle, and when I had more questions about specific options for the blade. Once I had everything sorted for my specification, the construction of the knife didn’t actually take too long, about 4, maybe at a push 5, months for anyone on a time limit, and the quality of the piece is amazing. For anyone wondering about the cost, my design wasn’t too expensive but also wasn’t the cheapest they can go with the total being under £700.

For anyone worried that the blade may slip out of a leather sheath, for my blade at least, I can say it won’t happen without someone pulling on the knife. I also have my clan crest and name embossed into the leather sheath and I have to say it’s amazingly done with all the lines being clearly visible but not so deep that I might be worried about the leather warping/cracking in the future. The leather they used is quite stiff/rigid so keep that in mind if you were wanting something as soft as the leather typically found in jackets and wallets but the leather used is smooth and quite comfortable in a sock.

I opted for my blade to be sharpened and I can say I am very pleased with the result, however for anyone wanting it to be razor sharp I’d say to mention it in your request. My blade is sharp enough that I wouldn’t want to run my finger down it but not so sharp that I’d be afraid to even have the thing in my sock. My blade material is a stainless steel Damascus and the pattern choice available for this material was impressively varied however don’t expect a limitless supply, the material is still difficult to make. The forge work is very well done, along with the etching to show off the pattern. I can run my nail down the blade and feel the different material lines but they aren’t worryingly deep, just enough to feel the pattern and the blade doesn’t feel flimsy by any mean.

My handle is a bog oak, which they do have the age and location data if you’d be after that type of information on your sgian dubh, with my clan crest inlaid in silver into the handle and I chose to have no pins. The inlaid silver work is very impressive with the finish on the silver being almost like a mirror, to the point that in some photos the silver looks a bit photoshopped. The edges on the silver are very well done with none feeling like they could cut you or that make the blade uncomfortable to hold properly. My ferrules are also silver and the engraving work on the ferrule at the blade is very impressive. The detail work again is incredibly smooth, like everything on the sgian dubh to be honest, and very defined with nothing feeling like a half-assed attempt.

The stone in the pommel is very well finished too for what I was after, with the surface being completely smooth like a fireplace with the little flecks of colour popping in the sunlight. However, if you are wanting a stone that is perfectly flush with the pommel ferrule I`d say to ask for it specifically but if you do maybe expect an increase to the cost and build time as the task of fitting the stone does have the possibility of damaging the stone or whatever design you choose for the ferrule. My stone however looks perfect unless you deliberately look at the join between the stone and the ferrule, that is when you see that it isn’t a perfectly smooth and flush curve into the ferrule all the way round the stone. There are a few spots on mine where there is a flat dip but this with the grinding/polishing chamfer round the ferrule just shows that these sgian dubhs are made by hand so every one is unique, even if they have the same design.

Finally, the packaging that the blade came in is amazing. It was well protected and recyclable with the blade itself being inside a little black cardboard box with a tartan bow wrapped round it to keep it closed. This box also has the specification for the design inside it, with the material list and age and location data where appropriate. It also has a small paragraph explaining the history behind the sgian dubh name and information on how to maintain the knife over its lifetime.”

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Titanium and Stainless Damascus Steel Celtic Knotwork Ring

Titanium and Stainless Damascus Steel Celtic Knotwork Ring

We recently had the opportunity to create a ring that allowed us to explore some new possibilities. Our client requested a Titanium ring with a Stainless Steel Damascus inlay engraved with Celtic Knotwork. This was a completely new combination for us to work with. It was an exciting chance to explore some new techniques and we are really pleased with the result.  Now looking forward to being able to explore this style further in the future!

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Highland Oak Sgian Dubh with Family Shield Inlay

Bingham Sgian Dubh

We recently finished this custom Sgian Dubh as a wedding gift from the best man to the groom. It features the groom’s family shield made from Sterling Silver and inlaid into a handle which we carved from a storm felled oak tree on our farm in Glen Urquhart. The Angus Bloodstone pommel stone was made by our friend Nat Forno of Scottish Gemstones which he set into a Sterling Silver ferrule band. A matching Sterling Silver lower ferrule band has been engraved with the family name BINGHAM. The Sgian Dubh has been finished with a striking Damascus steel blade.
Graham very kindly emailed us soon after he received the Sgian Dubh:
“the Sgian Dubh arrived at the weekend. It’s absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for all you’ve done.”

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Pictish Wedding Rings in Blued Titanium

Pictish Wedding Rings Titanium

We were honoured to be asked to create these Pictish wedding rings for Robyn and Morag.
They discussed their ideas with us and sent a sketch which we were delighted to work with to develop their concept into a very special pair of rings which are unique to them.
Their rings are cut from a bar of aerospace grade Titanium which was blued before gently polishing the raised portion to provide a beautiful contrast.
The couple kindly emailed us the following comments on their rings;
“We wanted our wedding rings to be really individual to us, and to reflect and represent our many adventures together, past, present and future.  From the start, Rab and Tanya were open to exploring ideas, and worked patiently with us to ensure that the finished design – and fit! – would be exactly what we wanted.  We didn’t know how they were going to squeeze all our big ideas into such a tiny space, but they did!  We are so pleased with our finished rings, and amazed and delighted with all the very fine detail.  Thank you so much, Rab and Tanya!”

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The Invincible / Clan Graham Sgian Dubh

The Invincible / Clan Graham Sgian Dubh
We had the honour to be asked to make an exceptionally unique Sgian Dubh for Jim Nethery, Seanchaidh of the Clan Graham in the USA. Jim supplied the wood for the project from a piece of French oak recovered from the wreck of The HMS Invincible, a 74 gun warship captured from the French in 1744 and then put into service within the British Royal Navy until she ran aground and sank in the Solent in 1758. John Broomhead, the first diver to see the Invincable after 221 years on the sandy floor of the Solent in 1979, kindly provided the historic wood from his collection.
From the Invincible oak we carved the handle and sheath with a smooth, polished finish and treated with gunstock oil and wax.
We used solid Gold to make the clan crest and cross inlays, ferrules and pins.
The pommel stone is Loch Lomond Red Jasper which was cut and polished by Nat Forno of Scottish Gemstones.
The blade is Swedish Damasteel, crafted by bladesmith Chris Grant.
The presentation box was made by Karl Peet of Bespoke Craft, also from the Invincible oak and into which we made and inlaid the solid gold Clan Graham crest.
This was a wonderful project to undertake but also quite complex and time consuming and we’d like to thank Chris, Nat and Karl for their contributions and Jim for his patience and for his comments;
The Invincable Sgian Dubh represents me personally in both the materials and the design. The Loch Lomond Jasper and the belted crest reflect my Scottish heritage. The wood from the Invincable reflects my English and French Huguenot ancestry. The inlayed crest and three escallops show my clan Graham allegiance and the cross my Templar Order. Finally the uniquely beautiful Damasteel blade represents my Norse heritage. Overall my Sgian Dubh’s simple clean lines and unique materials make it completely a bespoke work of art. Something I will always treasure and wear with unmitigated pride.
With My Gratitude and Thanks,
W. James Nethery, FSA Scot
Seanchaidh, Clan Graham in North America”


The Invincible / Clan Graham Sgian Dubh

Please visit our webshop to see a small selection of our Sgian Dubhs.

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Sgian Dubh and Pendant with Culloden Bog Oak and Caithness Greenstone

Sgian Dubh and Pendant with Culloden Bog Oak and Caithness Greenstone
We had the pleasure of crafting a custom Sgian Dubh and pendant for Kilian after he and Franzi visited us to discuss a commission. The handle was carved with with our Celtic Knotwork and Thistle design in Culloden Bog Oak, which has been carbon dated to approx 4200 years old. As someone with an eye for steel and blade quality, he chose a unique blade that had been hand-made by our friend and talented blade-smith, Chris Grant from a piece of ‘Becut’, Stainless Steel with added Niobium.
Kilian also asked us to create a complementary pendant as an anniversary gift for his wife Franzi. The pendant was made in Sterling Silver and set with Culloden Bog Oak carved with Celtic Knotwork. It had a centre stone of Caithness Greenstone which was cut from the same piece of stone as the Sgian Dubh’s pommel stone by our friend skilled stone cutter, Renato Forno at Scottish Gemstones.
Kilian kindly emailed us:
“Well what can I say, I love both pieces. The Sgian Dubh is excellent with its Culloden bog oak handle, which feels absolutely great holding it, and the blade is extremely sharp, which makes the Sgian Dubh a really useful piece of art and craftsmanship. The matching pendant also with Culloden bog oak and the same piece of Caithness Greenstone like in the pommel of the Sgian Dubh is beautiful too…
On Sunday I was finally able to give Franzi the pendant on the occasion of our wedding anniversary. The surprise was perfect! She is absolutely happy with it and said it is as gorgeous as in her memories.”

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Unique Isle of Arran Wedding Rings in Titanium

Unique Isle of Arran Wedding Rings in Titanium
We created this pair of unique wedding rings for Emily & Gavin’s wedding which took place on the Isle of Arran. The rings were crafted from Aerospace Grade Titanium and engraved with the Arran skyline using a photo of the island as a design guide. Emily’s ring had a smooth, highly polished finish whereas Gavin’s ring was sandblasted and heat treated before engraving.
We received a lovely email from the couple;
“Gavin and I wanted our wedding rings to be unique and have some personal meaning to us. We have always liked Celtic designs, and while googling “Celtic wedding rings” we came across Rab and Tanya’s rings. We had never seen anything like them! We both have a big love of the outdoors, and the rings with mountain engravings really impressed us. We chose the Isle of Arran as our engravings because Arran is where our wedding was held, and the outline of Arran is one we were both familiar with as Gavin grew up across the water from Arran. So not a Celtic design after all, but something very meaningful. We love our rings !”

More info about our custom rings at Highland Wedding Rings.

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Sgian Dubh with Bog Oak handle, New Zealand Jade Pommel and Dutch Damascus Blade

Monique commissioned us to create a special Sgian Dubh as a gift for Iain to accompany the kilt pin we previously crafted for him.
The Sgian Dubh was designed to bring together three key elements to reflect Scotland (Iain’s family), the Netherlands (Monique’s family) and New Zealand where they met.
The handle is carved from Culloden Bog Oak with a traditional Military Crosshatch design and has a Sterling Silver inlay of the Torrance Clan Crest which was also used for the kilt pin. Monique was able to give us a small piece of Inanga Pounamu, which is a beautiful New Zealand Jade and our friend Nat at Scottish Gemstones cut and polished this to create the pommel. As Monique is from the Netherlands we asked our friend and gifted blade-smith Chris Grant to use Dutch High-carbon Damascus steel to create the blade as the perfect finishing touch to the Sgian Dubh.
We received an email with some lovely photos and comments after their recent wedding; “The kilt pin and Sgian Dubh had a lot of attention from the family. Especially as we used the latter to cut our wedding cake. They really are the most unique and amazing of gifts I have ever received. Thank you again for your marvelous craftsmanship that helps create wonderful memories.”
Sgian Dubh with Bog Oak handle, New Zealand Jade Pommel and Dutch Damascus BladeSgian Dubh with Bog Oak handle, New Zealand Jade Pommel and Dutch Damascus BladeSgian Dubh with Bog Oak handle, New Zealand Jade Pommel and Dutch Damascus Blade
Images courtesy of Blank & Burnet Photography, The Netherlands.

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Viking Dragons Wedding Rings in Titanium

Viking Dragon Wedding Rings in Titanium
Jessica and Norry asked us to craft a pair of bespoke Titanium wedding rings to feature Viking Dragon heads, Celtic Knotwork, a Thistle and a Shamrock to symbolise their combined heritages. It was great working with them both to encapsulate their ideas and create a design that they were both delighted with. When working with Titanium, we have a variety of finishing options that we can achieve. Both Jessica and Norry chose a natural, polished finish which complimented the design beautifully.
The couple kindly emailed to let us know once the rings had arrived:
‘Our rings arrived today and they are absolutely perfect! Thank you so much again for everything!’

More info on our custom wedding rings

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Antler, Bog Oak and Damascus Sgian Dubh

Antler, Bog Oak and Damascus Sgian Dubh
We crafted this Sgian Dubh for Chad from California using local Stag Horn, 4200 year old Bog Oak from the Culloden area, a Damascus steel blade and a leather sheath. He kindly emailed when it arrived;
“Hi Rab!  My sgian dubh arrived safely in California today! I’m very happy with it. Beautiful work, pictures don’t do it justice! She’s a welcome addition to my knife collection! Many thanks! Chad”

Sgian Dubhs for sale
More info on our Sgian Dubhs

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Stac Pollaidh Wedding Rings

Mountain Wedding Rings in Argentium Silver
Roxane and Gearóid asked if we would create their bespoke wedding rings featuring the skyline of Stac Pollaidh along with some Celtic Knotwork. The mountain, Stac Pollaidh is in the North West Scottish Highlands and has a special significance to the couple so we based the design upon a sketch which Roxane made of the skyline of the ridge.
As the rings were to be in Sterling Silver we suggested that we make them from Argentium Silver which is a type of Sterling Silver that is more robust and tarnish resistant.
The couple kindly emailed when their rings arrived; “We picked our rings from the post office depot today – they are fantastic, we are absolutely delighted!!!
Thanks again for everything!”

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Sgian Brew & Kilt Pin Set with Turquoise

Sgian Brew & Kilt Pin Set with Turquoise
This unique Sgian Brew & Kilt Pin set was made for Matthew.
The handle is carved from 4200 year old Bog Oak and we diamond-engraved the bottle opener / safety blade. The fittings and kilt pin are Sterling Silver. He asked if we could use Turquoise for his commission and we were very fortunate in that our friend Nat at Scottish Gemstones had some available and made it possible to provide the pommel and kilt pin. Matthew kindly emailed us when they arrived;
“Thank you so much. They look absolutely fantastic!”

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