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25th Anniversary Rings in Titanium Damascus

We created this pair of bespoke rings for Karen and Richard featuring a design derived from the Harriss Spiral, a mathematical fractal curve based upon the golden ratio.
These rings were cut from a solid bar of ‘Titanium Damascus’ consisting of two different Titanium alloys carefully forge-welded together producing an organic, almost woodgrain like pattern intrinsic to the metal into which we cut the spiral design.
“Many thanks for all your help and encouragement with our 25th Anniversary rings. We are both delighted with the finished rings themselves but also really enjoyed the evolution process of design and choice of materials – we feel that we were very much involved in their creation, which makes them all the more special. Karen & Richard ” Continue reading

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Unique Bear and Stag Wedding Rings

We created these unique wedding rings for Jamie and Jenn after discussing various ideas and using the couple’s own drawings inspired by ancient designs.
Jamie’s ring was crafted from a solid piece of Aerospace grade Titanium bar, featuring a Bear and Jenn’s ring is in Rose Gold and has a leaping Stag. Both rings also incorporate a spiral design flowing around the circumference of the rings.
The couple kindly emailed the following; “We’re really pleased with our rings. Rab and Tanya’s gentle coaxing helped us clarify a fairly broad design brief. The end result is everything we hoped for, two unique but thematically linked rings reflecting the union of their recipients. Thank you.” Continue reading

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Unique Engagement Ring with Runes and Tourmaline and a Special Sgian Dubh

When Chris was planning a surprise proposal to Lisa on their vacation from the US to Scotland he contacted us and asked if we could use his sketches to craft a unique engagement ring. His design featured Tourmaline which is … Continue reading

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Old Wrought Iron Celtic Ring Made in Aerospace Grade Titanium

Wrought Iron Celtic Ring Made in Aerospace Grade Titanium
We were commissioned to craft this very unusual ring for Skyler who asked that we use aerospace grade titanium but with the special request to give it an old wrought iron look and feel, with a Celtic knotwork design. This is the first time that we have made a ring quite like this and after a process of research and development to get this finish we are very happy with how it turned out. Using titanium meant that this ring is far lighter and more durable than if we had used wrought iron.
Skyler kindly emailed us when her ring arrived;
“It has a perfect fit and is astoundingly beautiful. Aside from the special sentiments it personally holds, I receive multiple compliments daily. Thank you so much for such a gorgeous piece of art.” Continue reading

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Bespoke Ring Featuring Ogham and Leaves

Bespoke Ring Featuring Ogham and Leaves
This unique ring was created using Alex’s ideas and personal design elements featuring ogham, tree leaves and four diamonds by Highland Wedding Rings.
“Absolutely stunning! She loves it, amazing intricacy and design, couldn’t have asked for more.” Alex
Continue reading

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Titanium Engagement Ring with Musical Symbols

Dylan asked us to create a very special and unique engagement ring for his proposal to Becky. We worked with Dylan and used his drawings based upon musical notation as the starting point to the ring design. His design was … Continue reading

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Unique Engagement Ring for a Harpist

Unique Engagement Ring for a Harpist
Kenny asked us to design and create an extra special and unique engagement ring for Emma. As she plays the harp he asked if we could use Emma’s harp design as the main feature of her ring but to also introduce a Celtic design element and diamonds. After working on some sketches and a few ideas we developed this design with a pair of Celtic knots to hold a pair of diamonds and frame the harp.
Emma kindly emailed us the following; “I never knew what kind of engagement ring I’d want until I saw this one. I was blown away by how personal, how unique, it was. Thank you for taking Kenny’s ideas and making it into such a beautiful reality.”
We’re now working with the couple to develop their ideas for their wedding rings. Continue reading

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