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A Pair of Speyside Whisky Sgian Dubhs

I’ve just finished crafting this pair of Sgian Dubhs using some materials collected from our visit to the Speyside Whisky Festival earlier this year. Their handles are carved from a Glenfarclas whisky cask which we bought along with a couple … Continue reading

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Pictish Wedding Rings, Sgian Dubhs and Pendants – A Very Unique Set.

Pictish Wedding Rings, Sgian Dubhs and Pendants - A Unique Set.
We created this very unique set for a wedding, featuring a Pictish Wolf and Z-Rod along with Spirals and Knotwork. Continue reading

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Bespoke Titanium Wedding Ring & Sgian Dubh Set

Custom Titanium Wedding Ring and Sgian DubhThis Sgian Dubh and wedding ring have the design based upon the bride’s own unique tattoo. They were both made from titaniumTitanium Wedding Ring, except for the Sgian Dubh handle which was made from local oak. It’s been a nice project to work upon especially as the couple had the opportunity to visit and discuss their commission.Titanium Wedding Ring Iain’s email is below.

“Rab, Thanks again for making this ring for Gail and I. We had just a vague idea of what we wanted for the ring when we first spoke with you, and no understanding of what can and can’t be achieved.
Being able to send you sketches and photos, and then discuss our thoughts with you, was a superb experience. We loved seeing the design being transformed on the screen on front of us, as we made suggestions. Some worked and some didn’t but we were able to see in advance, and it grew into this design that is far more than we had hoped for when we started.
I’m very happy with the finished ring. No shop bought ring, no matter how expensive, can ever have as much value as this one.
It is truly unique, made for us, to our design, with your expertise. The whole experience has been very rewarding, and I want you to know how much we appreciate it. Thanks, Iain” Continue reading

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Set of Culloden Bog Oak Sgian Dubhs with Perthshire Agate Pommels

These Sgian Dubhs were a commission that were specially made for a father to give to each of his sons. They feature Perthshire Agate Pommels, Sterling Silver fittings and Damascus steel blades with a line of poetry diamond-engraved onto them. The wood is approx 4300 years old from an oak tree dug up from a bog in the Culloden area of Inverness-Shire.
Culloden Bog Oak Sgian Dubhs
I’ve just received an email from Mike to let me know that his Sgian Dubhs have arrived and he’s kindly allowed me to post his comments:
“The Sgian Dubhs arrived safely just a short time ago. I am delighted with them. Although I had seen your photos of them, to use the eBay cliche, photos don’t do them justice. I am most impressed by your superb craftsmanship and attention to detail. The sgian dubhs are beautiful and I am now looking forward with much anticipation to giving each of the sgian dubhs to each of my sons as they come of age. Thank you.”
Continue reading

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Antler Sgian Dubh with Fife Red Jasper Pommel Stud and Damascus Blade

I made this Sgian Dubh for Bruce McClure who’s going to a wedding this weekend. The handle is from local stag horn and oak, and has a small piece Fife Red Jasper set into a silver stud to finish it off. This is the first time I’ve used this fitting style to combine stone and antler.
Antler Sgian Dubh with stone pommel
And here’s Bruce’s comments when it arrived:
“Excellent craftsmanship and beauty. Extremely happy with my sgian dubh”
Stag Horn Sgian Dubh with Stone, Oak and Damascus
Close up of Fifr Red Jasper Pommel Stud
Other Stag Horn Sgian Dubhs
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New Sgian Dubhs in bog oak

Been working on these new Sgian Dubhs in bog oak with silver fittings
The blade on the left is a new style I made from O1 Tool Steel.
Culloden Bog Oak Sgian Dubhs Continue reading

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