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Bespoke Engagement Ring for an Australian Proposal

Bespoke Engagement Ring for an Australian Proposal
Daniel from Australia commissioned us to design and create this special bespoke engagement ring. He kindly sent us a photo of the proposal along with the accompanying note:
“Thank you so much for letting me work with you in designing the perfect engagement ring for my beautiful girlfriend (now fiancĂ©e). I can’t thank you enough!”
The ring was made in gold and has a diamond held by the branches of the design which Daniel helped to develop. Next to the photo of the ring are the 2D and 3D previews of the design. Continue reading

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Sgian Brew ‘blades’ – Testing Some New Styles

Sgian Brew Blades
Here’s 3 new Sgian Brew ‘blades’ for our safety / bottle opener Sgians.
These are prototypes of our own exclusive designs and we’re looking for feedback before having a larger batch made.
From left to right are:
1: The old style cast Stainless Steel generic opener which we’ve been using which doesn’t have much room for engraving.
2 and 3: New styles with and without a taper on the blade section, these would also need to be worn without a sheath.
4: A different style which is more blade shaped and fits into one of our existing sheaths.
The new designs are 3mm throughout their width – so there’s no sharp or even thin edge which could be sharpened.
We developed the ‘Sgian Brew’ some years ago when it started getting more difficult to travel or gain entry to some places while wearing the traditional Sgian Dubh.
I often find that a bottle opener is pretty useful on the occasions that I’m wearing my kilt anyway !
Which one is your favorite ? Do you have any suggestions ? Continue reading

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