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Tyne Bridge / ‘Road of Life’ Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ring

Tyne Bridge / Road of Life Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ring
John commissioned us to create this very special and unique ring for his wife Sue for their 40th wedding anniversary. We worked with John to develop his ideas; the couple have a long connection to Newcastle, hence the Tyne Bridge and the roadway around the ring shank symbolises the road of life, or the journey they have been on together while the Ruby in the centre of the bridge is for their 40th anniversary.
Sue kindly emailed us;
“It was a pleasure to meet you when we called in to collect my ring. Seeing the stunning place you live & where the ring originated from made it all the more special.
The fact that you took John’s ideas & produced a ring that is very special on a personal level, but is also beautiful to anyone who doesn’t know the story behind it that in its self is truly remarkable. The idea of creating a 3D ring to achieve the concept of the Tyne Bridge was so clever.
I will treasure it for the rest of my life.“ Continue reading

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Igazlátó Szem (Guardian Eye Amulet)

Igazlátó Szem (Guardian Eye Amulet)
This Guardian Eye Amulet (Igazlátó Szem) was crafted by Keith Sim and Rab Gordon following an original design by Gergely Cziraki.
The outer casing is a direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) print made of Ti6Al4V ELI (grade 23) alpha-beta titanium alloy. This casing was sandblasted, darkened and then burnished using ceramic and steel shot. The two halves of the casing are welded together with a continuous Gold seam.
The central eye sits upon a background ‘mirror’ which was created from a plate of Sterling Silver finished with a thin, durable layer of Rhodium to maintain its reflectivity indefinitely. The eye itself is made from Palladium with an Obsidian iris featuring a small diamond held in a Platinum setting.
“I wanted to create an amulet for my mum and when I saw the Rainnea website I knew I’ve found the right company. Rab and Keith were very helpful and patient through the process and had great ideas on how to bring an experimental design to life and keep it within the budget. The final quality of the amulet attests to their artistry. It was really great working with them! “ Gergely Cziraki Continue reading

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Bespoke Celtic Wedding Rings in Palladium

Bespoke Celtic Wedding Rings in Palladium
We created these bespoke wedding rings in 950 Palladium for Nigel and Julie as a special set engraved with the same Celtic knotwork design but each ring being individually tailored to each of the couple.
Julie’s ring was designed to sit comfortably beside her existing engagement ring and features a diamond around which the knotwork was modified to flow and border the gemstone, while Nigel preferred a wider, heavier style. Both rings were engraved on the inner surface with the couples initials.
“…I wanted to let you know that we’re delighted with your creations for us – they are truly lovely and very special to us both. And that’s from someone who has almost never worn a ring! We’re really pleased to have something bespoke and appreciated your advice and suggestions….
Nigel and Julie” Continue reading

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Sgian Dubh in African Blackwood, Sterling Silver, Damascus Steel and Natural Cairngorm

Sgian Dubh in African Blackwood, Sterling Silver, Damascus Steel and Natural CairngormMarc from Belgium commissioned this bespoke Sgian Dubh. It features a carved African Blackwood handle with a natural Cairngorm smoky quartz pommel stone with Sterling Silver ferrules and pins and a high carbon steel (1095 and 15N20) Damascus blade which was diamond point engraved (not shown in photo).
When it arrived Marc emailed us and has kindly allowed us to use his comments;
“I’ve just received my Sgian Dubh… A real piece of art!!!! THANKS.” Continue reading

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Wedding Rings Featuring Pictish Wolves, Bears and Stags

Wedding Rings Featuring Pictish Wolves, Bears and Stags

We created this pair of special wedding rings for Dan & Francesca who asked for some Pictish rings to reflect their origins from the North-East of Scotland. The couple particularly liked the idea of a design incorporating Pictish wolves, bears and stags.
After the rings arrived Dan kindly emailed to say “…already people ask us in admiration ‘where did you get those rings?’ “

Continue reading

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