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Sgian Brew & Kilt Pin Set with Turquoise

Sgian Brew & Kilt Pin Set with Turquoise
This unique Sgian Brew & Kilt Pin set was made for Matthew.
The handle is carved from 4200 year old Bog Oak and we diamond-engraved the bottle opener / safety blade. The fittings and kilt pin are Sterling Silver. He asked if we could use Turquoise for his commission and we were very fortunate in that our friend Nat at Scottish Gemstones had some available and made it possible to provide the pommel and kilt pin. Matthew kindly emailed us when they arrived;
“Thank you so much. They look absolutely fantastic!” Continue reading

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Pictish Beastie Kilt Pin in Sterling Silver

Pictish Beastie Kilt Pin in Sterling Silver
We made this bespoke Pictish kilt pin with what is commonly known as the ‘Beastie’ design.
There is much speculation on whether the Beastie is a real animal such as an elephant, dolphin or seahorse or whether it is a mythological creature such as a kelpie, dragon or even the Loch Ness Monster….
“the pin arrived today! Absolutely stunning – such a beautiful thing! I am so thoroughly pleased. Such craftsmanship! terrific!!!” R.M, Edinburgh. Continue reading

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Pictish Horse Sgian Dubh, Box and Damascus Kilt Pins

Pictish Horse Sgian, box and Damascus kilt pin setThis was a special commission of a Sgian Dubh, presentation box and set of Damascus kilt pins for a forthcoming wedding.The Sgian Dubh handle and sheath are made from 5300 year old bog oak. We made the Pictish horse inlays and the ferrules and pins from Sterling Silver. Karl Peet at Bespoke Craft made the box for us to add the inlay. The kilt pins were specially made as a matching set by Stu from offcuts from our Damascus blade steel. Continue reading

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Sgian Dubh, Brooch and Kilt Pin Set

Special SetWe’ve just completed this complimentary set which was a special commission for Bill and Kay consisting of a Sgian Dubh, two brooches and a kilt pin. Portsoy Red Serpentine is mounted on the Sgian Dubh, kilt pin and one brooch while the other brooch features the Burghead Pictish bull. All of the metalwork apart from the Damascus Sgian Dubh blade are solid Sterling Silver and are Hallmarked in Edinburgh to our own maker’s mark, ‘LNS’ (Loch Ness Silver).
This has been a lovely opportunity to work with Bill and Kay on designing and making a very unique set. Continue reading

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Damascus Kilt Pins

What to do with the Damascus offcuts from making Sgian Dubh blades ?
I saw some pendants made by Stuart Wilson and asked if he would consider making some kilt pins in the same style, as you can see the results are outstanding !
More info on our main site under Custom Kilt Pins. Continue reading

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