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Scandinavian Wedding Rings in Titanium

We crafted this special pair of wedding rings for Alan and Malene. The design is the distinctive Scandinavian Borre style ring-braid engraved into aerospace grade titanium.  Malene’s ring was finished with a high polish  whilst Alan’s ring was given a … Continue reading

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Pictish Boar Titanium Pendant with Tayside Amethyst

Pictish Boar Titanium Pendant with Tayside Amethyst
Alex commissioned us to design and create a special pendant for his wife, Morna’s birthday.
We engraved six Pictish Boars into Titanium and heated it until the metal took on a blue/purple hue to complement the Tayside Amethyst stone set into the centre, while the back of the pendant was diamond-engraved with a personal message.
“…absolutely stunning! Couldn’t have asked for any better or more. Really beautiful, she’ll love it… Love the way it shimmers differently in different light…, Alex” Continue reading

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Custom Made Damascus Steel Earrings

We were commissioned by her husband Josh to create this pair of custom Damascus earrings as a special gift to his wife Lyzz for their 10th wedding anniversary (hence the ‘X’ engraving). The Damascus steel matches the design of a … Continue reading

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Old Wrought Iron Celtic Ring Made in Aerospace Grade Titanium

Wrought Iron Celtic Ring Made in Aerospace Grade Titanium
We were commissioned to craft this very unusual ring for Skyler who asked that we use aerospace grade titanium but with the special request to give it an old wrought iron look and feel, with a Celtic knotwork design. This is the first time that we have made a ring quite like this and after a process of research and development to get this finish we are very happy with how it turned out. Using titanium meant that this ring is far lighter and more durable than if we had used wrought iron.
Skyler kindly emailed us when her ring arrived;
“It has a perfect fit and is astoundingly beautiful. Aside from the special sentiments it personally holds, I receive multiple compliments daily. Thank you so much for such a gorgeous piece of art.” Continue reading

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A Pair of Guitar Plectrums in Silver and Titanium

A Pair of Guitar Plectrums in Silver and Titanium

This pair of guitar plectrums (picks) were a special commission, one made in Sterling Silver and the other in aerospace grade titanium. They are engraved with a Lion Rampant on one side and initials on the back and are fitted with quick release catches so they can be worn as pendants or used when needed. Continue reading

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Our Work on Display in the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Hybrid Craft Exhibition

Sgians at SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Hybrid Craft Exhibition
“The SIGGRAPH 2015 Hybrid Craft exhibition showcases craft techniques and values in contemporary digital design: Fifteen works from skilled makers who use computational design tools in their craft, integrating advanced technologies with traditional making processes.
Hybrid Craft highlights human skills and master craftspersons who use technology as part of their creative palate, integrating computationally enabled designs and objects with traditional crafts, such as tools, instruments and machine making, jewelry, containers and model making, artwork, and graphic and pattern design. The show emphasizes the importance of craft heritage in contemporary digital design, where beautiful and meaningful artifacts are produced by a machine and craftsperson working together, not by a machine or craftsperson alone.”
Continue reading

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Igazlátó Szem (Guardian Eye Amulet)

Igazlátó Szem (Guardian Eye Amulet)
This Guardian Eye Amulet (Igazlátó Szem) was crafted by Keith Sim and Rab Gordon following an original design by Gergely Cziraki.
The outer casing is a direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) print made of Ti6Al4V ELI (grade 23) alpha-beta titanium alloy. This casing was sandblasted, darkened and then burnished using ceramic and steel shot. The two halves of the casing are welded together with a continuous Gold seam.
The central eye sits upon a background ‘mirror’ which was created from a plate of Sterling Silver finished with a thin, durable layer of Rhodium to maintain its reflectivity indefinitely. The eye itself is made from Palladium with an Obsidian iris featuring a small diamond held in a Platinum setting.
“I wanted to create an amulet for my mum and when I saw the Rainnea website I knew I’ve found the right company. Rab and Keith were very helpful and patient through the process and had great ideas on how to bring an experimental design to life and keep it within the budget. The final quality of the amulet attests to their artistry. It was really great working with them! “ Gergely Cziraki Continue reading

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