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Damasteel Sgian Dubh with Bog Oak Handle and Sheath, Angus Serpentine Pommel

I made the blade of this particular Sgian Dubh from a bar of Swedish Damasteel which is a very high quality Stainless Damascus steel.
Click on the photo for a larger version.
Sgain Dubh with Damasteel Blade
“Just to let you know that my Sgian Dubh came this morning and it looks fantastic. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me and all the photos you sent from start to finish i am very pleased with it.
David” Continue reading

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Engraved Sgian Dubh ~ Bog Oak, Silver and Damascus

Sgian Dubh
Here’s a recently completed Sgian Dubh which is a good example of deep V-cut engraving on the ferrule band and fine diamond-point engraving of some selected quotes on the blade.
Sgian Dubh
Finished off with an Angus Serpentine Pommel Stone cut for us by Nat at Scottish Gemstones.
Sgian Dubh Pommel Stone
“Received this weekend – exceeded already high expectations in all respects! Not much else to say but thank you very much, Art” Continue reading

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