A Custom Sgian Dubh for a Special Wedding Gift

Sgian Dubh (Skean Dhu) in bog oak, silver and Damascus
Dave’s friends commissioned us to make this custom Sgian Dubh for his wedding. He sent us an email when he received it which he has very kindly allowed us to post:
“I am emailing you to thank you about the above Sgian Dubh, which was given to me as a gift ahead of my wedding, from my friends Dave White and Chris More . I have seen a fair number of Sgian Dubhs but to say I was speechless at this one is a huge understatement. The craftsmanship is just unbelievable, and the personal touches, such as the family motto and local stone, are amazing. It’s something I will treasure for the rest of my days!
Thank you and best regards,
Dave York”
Dave’s email really made my day ! The handle of his Sgian Dubh was cut from 5300 year old bog oak, set with silver pins on the front and capped with a pommel cut from Dumfries Grey Serpentine (Dave’s from Dumfries). We deep-cut engraved the lower Sterling Silver ferrule with the motto “NEC CUPIAS, NEC METUAS”. The blade was made from high-carbon Damascus steel.
(More info on our blades, pommels, and custom Sgian Dubhs)

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