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Sgian Brew & Kilt Pin Set with Turquoise

Sgian Brew & Kilt Pin Set with Turquoise
This unique Sgian Brew & Kilt Pin set was made for Matthew.
The handle is carved from 4200 year old Bog Oak and we diamond-engraved the bottle opener / safety blade. The fittings and kilt pin are Sterling Silver. He asked if we could use Turquoise for his commission and we were very fortunate in that our friend Nat at Scottish Gemstones had some available and made it possible to provide the pommel and kilt pin. Matthew kindly emailed us when they arrived;
“Thank you so much. They look absolutely fantastic!” Continue reading

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Isle of Jura Whisky Festival Sgian Brew

This Sgian Brew was a special project I crafted after visiting the Isle of Jura and attending the annual Whisky Festival. I’d been planning to get to this festival for a while as I grew up on the island and … Continue reading

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Unique Sgian Brew Commission in Bog Oak

We created this very unique Sgian Brew for Gregg using 5300 year old bog oak for handle and sheath, brass fittings, a Loch Lomond Red Jasper pommel stone and a safety bottle opener ‘blade’ in 420 Stainless Steel with custom diamond point engraving. … Continue reading

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Prototype Sgian Brews

Prototype Sgian Brews
Here’s a couple of the prototype Sgian Brew ‘blades’ shown in a previous post made into Sgian Brews – finished just in time for some testing over Hogmanay….
The handles are carved from Glenlivet whisky barrel with brass and Sterling silver fittings.The right hand version was custom engraved with a personal inscription. Continue reading

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Sgian Brew ‘blades’ – Testing Some New Styles

Sgian Brew Blades
Here’s 3 new Sgian Brew ‘blades’ for our safety / bottle opener Sgians.
These are prototypes of our own exclusive designs and we’re looking for feedback before having a larger batch made.
From left to right are:
1: The old style cast Stainless Steel generic opener which we’ve been using which doesn’t have much room for engraving.
2 and 3: New styles with and without a taper on the blade section, these would also need to be worn without a sheath.
4: A different style which is more blade shaped and fits into one of our existing sheaths.
The new designs are 3mm throughout their width – so there’s no sharp or even thin edge which could be sharpened.
We developed the ‘Sgian Brew’ some years ago when it started getting more difficult to travel or gain entry to some places while wearing the traditional Sgian Dubh.
I often find that a bottle opener is pretty useful on the occasions that I’m wearing my kilt anyway !
Which one is your favorite ? Do you have any suggestions ? Continue reading

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A one of a kind ‘Sgian Brew’ !

A one of a kind Sgian Brew !
Here’s a very unusual ‘Sgian Brew’ we made as a one off special commission.
The emblem is in Sterling Silver, inlaid into Ebony. Continue reading

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Sgian Brew in Bog Oak and Sterling Silver Engraved with Pictish Wolves

Sgian Brew in Bog Oak and Sterling Silver
I made this Sgian Brew as a special commission with a carved Bog Oak handle and a Sterling Silver ferrule band engraved with Pictish wolves. It’s owner sent me the following;
“Hi Rab, I just received your Sgian Brew. It’s the second I’ve had and your workmanship just gets better and better. This one is going on a hook on my bar so that it can’t wander during a party. No more hunt the bottle opener. It has already been much admired… perhaps it should have a chain and lock on it rather than a leather string. Thanks again for a beautifully made piece of art.” Continue reading

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