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Obsidian Sgian Dubh with Isle of Bute Pommel Stone

Obsidian Sgian Dubh with Isle of Bute Pommel Stone
This Sgian Dubh was commissioned by Natasha in Canada for a very special Christmas present. She kindly emailed us when it arrived;
“Today was the most exciting day I have had the pleasure of in quite some time. A box marked fragile arrived with an international shipping sticker. I could hardly contain myself enough to gently cut open the box and very carefully unwrap such a treasure.
I have to say it took my breath away. The craftsmanship and care you have put into this has placed me in awe. And I couldn’t be happier.
It’s even more beautiful than I imagined. Your pictures, although remarkable, have no ridges or fragrance. As I sit here Sgian Dubh in hand, the ebony handle has such detail. I remembered of the pommel stone choice and the story by which it came about. As I unsheathed the obsidian blade, the sheath itself is amazing and perfectly fit. And the blade, I could only imagine such beauty it’s gorgeous and delicate and perfect!!
Thank you so much. I am great full to have found you. And I cannot wait to gift this to the man that deserves such a precious gift.”
We’d like to thank our friends and the fellow craftsmen for their help and assistance, especially Euan for finding and selecting some pebbles from Kerrycroy Bay on the Isle of Bute where the recipients parents have an ancestral clan connection. We photographed these and Natasha chose her favorite pebble which was then cut and polished for the pommel stone by Nat. The Obsidian blade was knapped for us by Tony and the sheath was crafted to fit the blade by Terry Osborne. Continue reading

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Engraved Sgian Dubh ~ Bog Oak, Silver and Damascus

Sgian Dubh
Here’s a recently completed Sgian Dubh which is a good example of deep V-cut engraving on the ferrule band and fine diamond-point engraving of some selected quotes on the blade.
Sgian Dubh
Finished off with an Angus Serpentine Pommel Stone cut for us by Nat at Scottish Gemstones.
Sgian Dubh Pommel Stone
“Received this weekend – exceeded already high expectations in all respects! Not much else to say but thank you very much, Art” Continue reading

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