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Custom Clan Crest Sgian Dubh in Culloden Bog Oak with Damasteel Blade and Embossed Sheath

This Sgian Dubh was custom made for Cameron’s birthday.We carved his handle from 4200 year old Culloden Bog Oak and inlaid it with a Sterling Silver insert, which we cut and engraved with his clan crest.A pommel stone was cut … Continue reading

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Titanium and Stainless Damascus Steel Celtic Knotwork Ring

We recently had the opportunity to create a ring that allowed us to explore some new possibilities. Our client requested a Titanium ring with a Stainless Steel Damascus inlay engraved with Celtic Knotwork. This was a completely new combination for … Continue reading

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Thor’s Hammer in Swedish Damasteel Damascus

Thor's Hammer in Damasteel Damascus
Here’s something a little different ! I made this Thor’s Hammer as a Christmas present for an old friend born in Sweden. It’s made from an offcut from the Swedish Damascus (Damasteel) which we import for our Sgian Dubh blades. Continue reading

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Sgian Dubh with Swedish Damasteel Blade, African Blackwood Handle, Silver Fittings With Custom Engraving, and Natural Cairngorm Pommel Stone.

Sgian Dubh with Damasteel Blade, African Blackwood Handle, Silver Fittings, and Natural Cairngorm Pommel Stone.
I made this custom Sgian Dubh with the motto, ‘Strength & Honour’ cut into the ferrule.
Paul, who commissioned this had kindly allowed us to reprint his email; Continue reading

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A Whale Tooth Sgian Dubh

Whale Tooth Sgian Dubh
Here’s an unusual and very special commission, the handle is made from a whale tooth which was recovered by our customer from the carcass of a beached sperm whale. The back of the handle and the box are made from 5300 year old bog oak. The blade is made from Swedish Damasteel from the foundry we visited earlier in the year. On the lid of the box is an Iona Marble pebble found by the son, set in Sterling Silver and engraved with a personal message.
This was a very unusual and challenging project for me; however I enjoyed working with our customer to develop and shape his design and ideas and I’m very happy with the way it all came together.
Whale Tooth Sgian Dubh in bog oak box Continue reading

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Sourcing Sgian Dubh Materials in Sweden

Damasteel Damascus FoundryWe’re just back from Sweden where we were visiting the Damasteel foundry in Söderfors. Having used Damasteel on special Sgian Dubh orders for many years I’d have to say that they make some of the best Damascus commercially available through their own highly specialised process. We discussed the history of the trade and use of Swedish steel in Scotland which goes way back, as do the many links between our two countries. I hope to mark this with a special commemorative piece, perhaps using a custom Damascus pattern, an example of which is shown in the photo below.Damasteel Damascus Foundry Continue reading

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Damasteel Sgian Dubh with Bog Oak Handle and Sheath, Angus Serpentine Pommel

I made the blade of this particular Sgian Dubh from a bar of Swedish Damasteel which is a very high quality Stainless Damascus steel.
Click on the photo for a larger version.
Sgain Dubh with Damasteel Blade
“Just to let you know that my Sgian Dubh came this morning and it looks fantastic. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me and all the photos you sent from start to finish i am very pleased with it.
David” Continue reading

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