Custom Bog Oak Sgian Dubh with Greenman Inlay

Custom Bog Oak Sgian Dubh with Greenman Inlay
We created this custom Sgian Dubh for Mark who’s a piper located in the US. The handle is carved from 5300 year old Bog Oak with Sterling Silver fittings and holds a Tayside Amethyst pommel stone at the top. The front of the handle features a ‘Greenman’ which Mark sent to us to inlay into the handle. The Damascus blade is made from high carbon stainless steel.
Mark kindly emailed the following regarding his Sgian Dubh;
“This is the sort of craftmanship I was looking for. It’s beautiful and functional, and it sort of makes me want to have kids just so I can pass it along to someone.”

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25th Anniversary Rings in Titanium Damascus

We created this pair of bespoke rings for Karen and Richard featuring a design derived from the Harriss Spiral, a mathematical fractal curve based upon the golden ratio.
These rings were cut from a solid bar of ‘Titanium Damascus’ consisting of two different Titanium alloys carefully forge-welded together producing an organic, almost woodgrain like pattern intrinsic to the metal into which we cut the spiral design.
“Many thanks for all your help and encouragement with our 25th Anniversary rings. We are both delighted with the finished rings themselves but also really enjoyed the evolution process of design and choice of materials – we feel that we were very much involved in their creation, which makes them all the more special. Karen & Richard ”

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Sgian Dubh with Solid Sterling Silver Blade

Sgian Dubh with Solid Sterling Silver Blade
This Sgian Dubh was a special commission for Jamie, it has a solid Sterling Silver blade engraved with the family motto and the handle is carved from Rosewood. Jamie kindly emailed the following when he received it;
“Just a quick email to say all is here and arrived safely. I’m over the moon with the sgian dubh, definitely a hand down item through the generations. Can’t thank you both enough! I’ll be showing it off plenty and you’ll come highly recommended!”

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Isle of Jura Whisky Festival Sgian Brew

Isle of Jura Whisky Festival Sgian Brew
This Sgian Brew was a special project I crafted after visiting the Isle of Jura and attending the annual Whisky Festival. I’d been planning to get to this festival for a while as I grew up on the island and when we farmed there we fed our cattle with the malted barley draff from this distillery.
The wooden handle is carved from an Isle of Jura whisky cask. Sterling Silver ferrules and pins are fitted to the handle along with a Damascus Steel bottle opener ‘blade’. The lower ferrule band is engraved with a Celtic spiral design, inspired by the Corryvreckan whirlpool located at the north of the island. On the top of the handle is a pommel stone made from a pebble that I found on the beach by the Isle of Jura Distillery during my festival visit.
Fittingly the Sgian Brew has returned back to the Isle of Jura as it was purchased as a gift for an old friend who works at the distillery and who may have originally filled the very whisky cask it was made from !

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Aonach Eagach Mountain Ridge Titanium Wedding Ring

titanium wedding ring
We created this custom titanium wedding ring from Michael’s own sketch of the Aonach Eagach mountain ridge. To get this unique look we treated his ring with a special sandblasted and heat treated finish.
Michael kindly emailed us after their wedding;
“We’re so happy with my ring.  It makes me think of mountains and my wife every time I look at it, remembering the day we got engaged and of course our wedding day.“ 
See our site dedicated to our custom wedding rings and gifts.

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Custom Made Damascus Steel Earrings

Damascus Earrings and Sgian Dubh
We were commissioned by her husband Josh to create this pair of custom Damascus earrings as a special gift to his wife Lyzz for their 10th wedding anniversary (hence the ‘X’ engraving). The Damascus steel matches the design of a Sgian Dubh that we made for Lyzz several years ago as a commission from her brother.
These earrings were cut from a steel plate of two contrasting alloys of Stainless Steel, layered and forge-welded together which gives the beautiful organic patterning to the steel.

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Unique Bear and Stag Wedding Rings

We created these unique wedding rings for Jamie and Jenn after discussing various ideas and using the couple’s own drawings inspired by ancient designs.
Jamie’s ring was crafted from a solid piece of Aerospace grade Titanium bar, featuring a Bear and Jenn’s ring is in Rose Gold and has a leaping Stag. Both rings also incorporate a spiral design flowing around the circumference of the rings.
The couple kindly emailed the following; “We’re really pleased with our rings. Rab and Tanya’s gentle coaxing helped us clarify a fairly broad design brief. The end result is everything we hoped for, two unique but thematically linked rings reflecting the union of their recipients. Thank you.”

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Old Wrought Iron Celtic Ring Made in Aerospace Grade Titanium

Wrought Iron Celtic Ring Made in Aerospace Grade Titanium
We were commissioned to craft this very unusual ring for Skyler who asked that we use aerospace grade titanium but with the special request to give it an old wrought iron look and feel, with a Celtic knotwork design. This is the first time that we have made a ring quite like this and after a process of research and development to get this finish we are very happy with how it turned out. Using titanium meant that this ring is far lighter and more durable than if we had used wrought iron.
Skyler kindly emailed us when her ring arrived;
“It has a perfect fit and is astoundingly beautiful. Aside from the special sentiments it personally holds, I receive multiple compliments daily. Thank you so much for such a gorgeous piece of art.”

(We filmed some video footage of this ring being made and will share that when we’ve edited it down to a reasonable size.)

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Wedding Present Sgian Dubh Crafted from Richmond Park Antler and Oak

Wedding Present Sgian Dubh Crafted from Richmond Park Antler and Oak
This Sgian Dubh was crafted as a special wedding present for David.
Julia sent us some pieces of Richmond Park antler and oak to make into a handle. We used a Damascus steel blade and diamond-point engraved it with some text and a design.
“I can’t thank you enough for making such a fantastic custom made sgian dubh for me – David loves it! Julia”

More Antler / Stag Horn Sgian Dubhs

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A Pair of Guitar Plectrums in Silver and Titanium

A Pair of Guitar Plectrums in Silver and Titanium

This pair of guitar plectrums (picks) were a special commission, one made in Sterling Silver and the other in aerospace grade titanium. They are engraved with a Lion Rampant on one side and initials on the back and are fitted with quick release catches so they can be worn as pendants or used when needed.
Further info and examples on our webpage; guitar plectrums.

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Our Work on Display in the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Hybrid Craft Exhibition

Sgians at SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Hybrid Craft Exhibition
“The SIGGRAPH 2015 Hybrid Craft exhibition showcases craft techniques and values in contemporary digital design: Fifteen works from skilled makers who use computational design tools in their craft, integrating advanced technologies with traditional making processes.
Hybrid Craft highlights human skills and master craftspersons who use technology as part of their creative palate, integrating computationally enabled designs and objects with traditional crafts, such as tools, instruments and machine making, jewelry, containers and model making, artwork, and graphic and pattern design. The show emphasizes the importance of craft heritage in contemporary digital design, where beautiful and meaningful artifacts are produced by a machine and craftsperson working together, not by a machine or craftsperson alone.”
SIGGRAPH 2015 Art Gallery: Hybrid Craft

The Sgian Dubh is a commemorative special inspired by our visit to Sweden to examine Scottish/Nordic historical connections.
The handle is carved from Glen Urquhart Oak with a design we called ‘Corriemonie’ after a Viking linked site in Glen Urquhart and we cut the blade from a billet of Swedish Stainless Damasteel. Sterling Silver pins are fitted around the handle and the ferrule bands were hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office with our maker’s mark LNS (Loch Ness Silver). The Pommel stone is polished Swedish Porfyr and the lower ferrule is engraved with design from a rune stone we saw in the Swedish National Museum, Stockholm.

The ‘Sgian Brew’ is carved from an Isle of Jura whisky cask stave with a traditional Celtic design and fitted with brass pins and top stud and the lower ferrule is engraved with another Celtic knot design. The ‘blade’ is a Damascus steel bottle-opener.

More info on our Sgian Dubhs

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Pictish Beastie Kilt Pin in Sterling Silver

Pictish Beastie Kilt Pin in Sterling Silver
We made this bespoke Pictish kilt pin with what is commonly known as the ‘Beastie’ design.
This design is often seen carved on Pictish symbol stones and there is much speculation on whether The Beastie is a real animal such as an elephant, dolphin or seahorse or whether it is a mythological creature such as a kelpie, dragon or even the Loch Ness Monster….
“the pin arrived today! Absolutely stunning – such a beautiful thing! I am so thoroughly pleased. Such craftsmanship! terrific!!!” R.M, Edinburgh.

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Unique Sgian Brew Commission in Bog Oak

Unique Sgian Brew Commission in Bog Oak
We created this very unique Sgian Brew for Gregg using 5300 year old bog oak for handle and sheath, brass fittings, a Loch Lomond Red Jasper pommel stone and a safety bottle opener ‘blade’ in 420 Stainless Steel with custom diamond point engraving.
The inlay in the handle is the solid gold logo of the US Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). It represents “shoe leather epidemiology” (hence the “footprint with the hole”). In other words, the disease detectives that hunt down diseases and try to prevent them from becoming epidemics.

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Sgian Dubh in African Blackwood, Sterling Silver, Damascus Steel and Natural Cairngorm

Sgian Dubh in African Blackwood, Sterling Silver, Damascus Steel and Natural CairngormMarc from Belgium commissioned this bespoke Sgian Dubh. It features a carved African Blackwood handle with a natural Cairngorm smoky quartz pommel stone with Sterling Silver ferrules and pins and a high carbon steel (1095 and 15N20) Damascus blade which was diamond point engraved (not shown in photo).
When it arrived Marc emailed us and has kindly allowed us to use his comments;
“I’ve just received my Sgian Dubh… A real piece of art!!!! THANKS.

Please see our website for more on our Sgian Dubhs.

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Titanium Engagement Ring with Musical Symbols

aerospace grade titanium engagement ring with musical symbols
Dylan asked us to create a very special and unique engagement ring for his proposal to Becky. We worked with Dylan and used his drawings based upon musical notation as the starting point to the ring design. His design was then cut into aerospace grade titanium and then we used heat to achieve the blue colour and polished the outer surface for contrast.
Dylan kindly emailed the following after his successful proposal 🙂
“You guys have been really great during the whole process of design and manufacture and the finished result is amazing- Becky thinks it’s beautiful. Will be in touch to design the wedding rings in the future!“

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