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Summer Solstice Wedding Bands

Summer Solstice Wedding BandsKelly and Bruce were married at the Summer Solstice and kindly emailed the following about the unique gold wedding bands which we created for them;
“Bruce and I would like to thank you once again for your wonderful practical workmanship and visionary skills; for transforming our sketched design into the beautiful rings you created for us. We knew the moment we saw your gorgeous creations on your blog and website that you would be able to create something unusual and alternative to the conventional wedding band, and what we would like. We really appreciate the effort you put into making our weddings band personal and unique to us. We were also very impressed with the consistent professional communication throughout the whole process of interaction, and your eagerness to ensure everything was just how we liked.” Continue reading

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Celtic Wedding Rings with Gaelic Engraving

We crafted this pair of Celtic wedding rings for Brian and Elaine who recently were married at Torridon. The Sterling Silver rings have a continuous Celtic knot around the outside and Gaelic engraving on the inside.
“The rings are fantastic – lots of compliments about them – thanks again !”
<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-795" src="" Continue reading

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Celtic ‘Buddha Eyes’ Ring

Celtic ‘Buddha Eyes’ Ring
We created this unusual engagement ring for a Scottish/Nepalese couple. The design blends the traditional ‘Buddha Eyes’ design along with Celtic Knotwork in a harmonious meeting of two cultures. Continue reading

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Titanium Celtic Hounds & Scottish Thistle Wedding Ring

Titanium Celtic Hound & Scottish Thistle Wedding Ring We created this special wedding ring for Byron who kindly emailed the following:
“The ring Rab and Tanya designed for me was relatively a last minute decision. The idea for a wedding ring, for which I had in mind, was something I didn’t believe I could achieve. It was only by chance that I came across their website.
Needless to say, I was completely taken by some of the designs that were posted. I knew straight away that I might just be in luck. It was through a jumbled collection of ideas that Rab was able to create the exact design I was looking for. Rab mentioned a number of ways in which he could go about designing the ring, which unashamedly, I opted for the way he thought best!
Once my ring arrived I was completely taken and speechless at the finished product. Not only had he crafted the wedding ring in a way that both resembled its intended meanings, but in a masterfully crafted way too. I was a little nervous about him heating the ring up to create a bluish colour. However the end result, even now after four months, still has my wife and I admiring the ring. I’d just like to thank Tanya and Rab for taking the time to create something that is incredibly special to my wife and I.
Byron and Bobbi” Continue reading

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Pictish Spiral Rings for a Wedding Anniversary

Pictish Spiral Rings for a Wedding AnniversaryWe designed and made these Sterling Silver rings for Kelly and Floyd’s wedding anniversary. They sent us a photo of the spiral carving on a standing stone which they liked and we based their ring design on this.
When they came over from the US to visit Scotland we arranged to meet them at Urquhart Castle to give them their rings and they have kindly allowed us to quote from the email they sent when they returned home;
“Our rings, which we love more everyday, are a constant reminder of your fantastic country. Thank you again for working with us to create anniversary rings so meaningful for us. i knew from the minute I saw your website that no one else could do it! Turns out I was right:)” Continue reading

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Celtic Knotwork Hearts on Bespoke Titanium Wedding Rings

CJ210-TitaniumHeartRingsWe designed and made these rings for Heather and Joe incorporating an abstract Celtic heart intertwining knotwork design. They’re made in Aerospace grade Titanium and have been given a high polish finish with a personal inscription engraved inside.
Here’s the email we received from the couple before their wedding:
“Hi Rab and Tanya,
We don’t just like the rings we think they’re wonderful!
You have captured everything we wanted in the design. The presentation box was a nice touch and will be a treasured keep sake. Thank you so much for everything. Tomorrow we exchange our rings, and are both so excited.
We would be honoured if you would include our comments on your blog, and you can be certain that whenever possible, we will recommend you to others. Once again thank you both for everything.
Best wishes, Heather and Joe”
Continue reading

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Unique Cairngorms Wedding Rings in Titanium

Unique Cairngorms Mountains Wedding Rings in TitaniumWe made this pair of wedding rings for Barry and Polly who drew their own design based upon their view of the Cairngorm mountain range.
Both rings were made from Aerospace grade Titanium, Barry’s ring was sandblasted and darkened before cutting through with the design whereas Polly’s ring was given a highly polished finish. They kindly allowed us to post their comments;
“We are delighted with our rings, we love the fact that they are unique to us, you brought our ideas to life and gave us something beautiful. It was a pleasure to work with you, thank you so much.” Continue reading

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Bespoke Titanium Wedding Bands with Celtic Design and Scottish Gaelic

Bespoke Titanium Wedding Bands with Celtic Design and Scottish Gaelic
We were asked by Jessica and Alan to create a special pair of Titanium wedding bands incorporating the Triscle Knot design against a chequered background.
The rings were to be a pair with the addition of some text on Alan’s ring – the Scottish Gaelic ‘ALBA AN AIGH’ was interspersed between the 3 Triscle Knots and cut into the chequered background.
We were very pleased with the final look and feel of both rings and felt that they worked really well as a matched pair of rings, while also having individuality.
The couple very kindly emailed us the following:
“When we ordered the rings, I’ll admit I was a bit nervous, having them made so far away. But they exceeded our expectations! They are so beautiful, and they fit perfectly. We really couldn’t be happier! I’m so glad we chose to have you make our rings.” Continue reading

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Bespoke Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings in 18ct White Gold

Celtic Spiral White Gold Wedding Rings
We designed and created these rings for Susan and Jim from the US who were recently married in Scotland in Dunkeld Cathedral and were able to come to visit us first to collect their rings personally.
The Spiral design for their rings was inspired by a panel of stone carving on a Celtic revival monument, in the Glasnevin Cemetery at Dublin which the couple particularly liked and emailed us a photo of. Continue reading

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Bespoke Set of Wedding Rings and Charms in Titanium

Bespoke Titanium Wedding Rings

We made this special set of wedding rings and charms for Sam and Richard and their daughters. It’s probably best to let them describe these in their own words;
“The wedding bands on our fingers are far more than pieces of jewellery. They a part of us and represent our values in life and the journey my fiancée and I made to become man and wife.
We discovered Rainnea when we did an internet search for custom made rings and fell in love with their work. There was no compromise and we knew we would be designing our rings with Rab and Tanya. A trip north only strengthened this conviction and we were encouraged to describe ourselves and sketch out design ideas. From many ideas came the important few and Rab took our words, hopes and feelings and created unique designs which were amazing. I particularly appreciated discussing my concerns when i doubted my initial plan and Rab again listened, then altered the design to something more perfect than i could have imagined. Our rings are truly unique and represent only us; mountains, the stars and the sea for my husband and a central Celtic heart knot with the wave themed echoed in a band for mine. We drove north again to help colour our rings which was exquisite and we took great pleasure in showing them off finally on our wedding day. They mean the world to us and we wouldn’t have changed a single thing about the whole experience. Our daughters also proudly wear individually unique charms that Rab and Tanya designed with us, cut from the same bar of titanium as our rings. A magical experience that I would recommend to any who want a truly personal ring, made and designed with love, in a beautiful place by lovely people.
Love and thanks, Sam and Rich x”

Thank you to Sam and Richard, it was a pleasure working with them. There’s some photos below which follow the pieces being made from a solid bar of aerospace grade titanium and some photos sent from the ceremony;
Making of Bespoke Set of Wedding Rings and Charms in Titanium Continue reading

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Titanium Wedding Ring with Clan Name and Motto

Titanium Wedding Ring with Clan Name and Motto
We created this special titanium wedding ring for Ben with his clan name and motto engraved into it bordered by Celtic knots. The aerospace grade titanium we use is very tough and hard wearing while being very light and comfortable to wear.
Ben has kindly allowed us to use his comments;
“Thank you Rab and Tanya for a great experience, wonder customer service and what is a phenomenal titanium ring! It is exactly what I was hoping for!” Continue reading

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White Gold Celtic Wedding Rings

White Gold Celtic Wedding Rings
We recently finished this pair of bold, heavy-weight Celtic wedding rings in 18ct White Gold, with a short inner inscription, for Lisa and Darren. They have kindly allowed us to post the email they sent when they received their rings. It was a pleasure working with the couple to make their rings and we appreciate the heartfelt thanks.

“We both would like to say a huge thank you for our wedding rings, they
are fantastic and so much more than we could have imagined. I am so
pleased that we took the time to trawl through numerous websites to
come across yours and decide on your company to make our very special
We are not having a huge ceremony which is why we decided to have our
rings made, to make them special and unique. We are so pleased that
you were able to deliver the design and the engraving for us which has
truly made these rings perfect.” Continue reading

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Bespoke Scottish Wedding Rings in Titanium

Bespoke Scottish Wedding Rings in Titanium
These bespoke wedding rings were cut from a solid bar of Aerospace Grade Ti6Al/4V Titanium.
We helped the couple design their own rings, both rings have the same simple 3 corner Celtic knot cut into them, repeated 3 times around the rings. The groom’s ring is engraved with Alba Gu Bràth (Gaelic for ‘Scotland For Ever’) against diamond checkering while the bride’s ring has a highly polished finish. Continue reading

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Pictish Wedding Rings, Sgian Dubhs and Pendants – A Very Unique Set.

Pictish Wedding Rings, Sgian Dubhs and Pendants - A Unique Set.
We created this very unique set for a wedding, featuring a Pictish Wolf and Z-Rod along with Spirals and Knotwork. Continue reading

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Pictish Wedding Ring in Titanium With Ogham Inscription

Pictish Wedding Ring with Ogham Inscription
A bespoke titanium wedding ring we recently completed with the couple’s names engraved in Ogham and a cup-mark at the start/end. Continue reading

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