Pictish Kelpies Pendant in Titanium

Pictish Kelpies Pendant in Titanium

Alex commissioned this special pendant for his wife Morna’s anniversary gift. We had previously made their wedding rings, along with a few other pieces in the intervening years.
This design of the 3 Pictish Kelpies are inspired by a pair of ‘Kelpies’ or sea horses carved onto a beautiful Class II Pictish stone standing in Aberlemno Kirkyard. The pendant was cut from aerospace grade titanium which was anodized to display a range of suitable water-like blueish tones which shimmer slightly as the angle of the light changes, showing subtle purple tones on the bodies of the Kelpies. The centre stone is a water-blue agate.
Alex kindly commented; ‘amazing, beautiful and stunning craftsmanship and artistry as ever. A wonderful piece for wife’s well deserved anniversary gift!’

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