Sgian Dubh and matching Sgian Brew from Glen Urquhart Antler

Sgian Dubh and matching Sgian Brew from Glen Urquhart Antler

We crafted this Sgian Dubh and matching Sgian Brew for a wedding last month. Craig used his Sgian Dubh to cut his wedding cake, whilst the Sgian Brew was for his brother. The pair were made from a piece of cast antler which our son Max found whilst on the nearby hill, helping our neighbour with his cattle. The top and bottom of the handles are capped with Culloden Bog Oak and the blade and bottle opener are in Damascus steel.
Craig kindly sent his review;
“A huge thank you to Rab and his family for creating my Sgian Dubh and matching Sgian Brew! I cannot emphasise enough the care and craftsmanship that has gone into the pieces and the quality of work is amazing. He made the whole process very enjoyable from design through to completion and really made it that bit more special knowing who has made the Sgian Dubh rather than picking one off the shelf. Thanks again, it will serve me well for a very long time.”

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