Sgian Brew and Kilt Pin set with Danish Amber

Sgian Brew and Kilt Pin set with Danish Amber

We were delighted to be asked to make this special pair of matching Sgian Brews and Kilt Pins for Andreas and Thomas’s wedding. They were able to provide us with some lovely Danish Amber, which we asked our friend Nat Forno at Scottish Gemstones to make into pommel stones for the Sgian Brews and a matching pair of cabochons for the Kilt pins.
The Sgian Brews have handles carved from 5300 year old Bog Oak and Damascus Steel ‘blades’, the fittings are made from Sterling Silver.
On receiving their commission, the couple kindly emailed us with the following:
Thank you so much for making them for us. They look even better than we imagined them. I was born into a family of artisans where good craftsmanship always has been highly valued. Therefore it’s extra special for me to be able to wear something truly handmade for my wedding.”

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