Our Work on Display in the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Hybrid Craft Exhibition

Sgians at SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Hybrid Craft Exhibition
“The SIGGRAPH 2015 Hybrid Craft exhibition showcases craft techniques and values in contemporary digital design: Fifteen works from skilled makers who use computational design tools in their craft, integrating advanced technologies with traditional making processes.
Hybrid Craft highlights human skills and master craftspersons who use technology as part of their creative palate, integrating computationally enabled designs and objects with traditional crafts, such as tools, instruments and machine making, jewelry, containers and model making, artwork, and graphic and pattern design. The show emphasizes the importance of craft heritage in contemporary digital design, where beautiful and meaningful artifacts are produced by a machine and craftsperson working together, not by a machine or craftsperson alone.”
SIGGRAPH 2015 Art Gallery: Hybrid Craft

The Sgian Dubh is a commemorative special inspired by our visit to Sweden to examine Scottish/Nordic historical connections.
The handle is carved from Glen Urquhart Oak with a design we called ‘Corriemonie’ after a Viking linked site in Glen Urquhart and we cut the blade from a billet of Swedish Stainless Damasteel. Sterling Silver pins are fitted around the handle and the ferrule bands were hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office with our maker’s mark LNS (Loch Ness Silver). The Pommel stone is polished Swedish Porfyr and the lower ferrule is engraved with design from a rune stone we saw in the Swedish National Museum, Stockholm.

The ‘Sgian Brew’ is carved from an Isle of Jura whisky cask stave with a traditional Celtic design and fitted with brass pins and top stud and the lower ferrule is engraved with another Celtic knot design. The ‘blade’ is a Damascus steel bottle-opener.

More info on our Sgian Dubhs

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3 Responses to Our Work on Display in the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery Hybrid Craft Exhibition

  1. David Mackenzie says:

    Good on yoursell Rab

  2. Pat OBrien says:

    Well done and well desreved

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