Tyne Bridge / ‘Road of Life’ Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ring

Tyne Bridge / Road of Life Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ring
John commissioned us to create this very special and unique ring for his wife Sue for their 40th wedding anniversary. We worked with John to develop his ideas; the couple have a long connection to Newcastle, hence the Tyne Bridge and the roadway around the ring shank symbolises the road of life, or the journey they have been on together while the Ruby in the centre of the bridge is for their 40th anniversary.
Sue kindly emailed us;
“It was a pleasure to meet you when we called in to collect my ring. Seeing the stunning place you live & where the ring originated from made it all the more special.
The fact that you took John’s ideas & produced a ring that is very special on a personal level, but is also beautiful to anyone who doesn’t know the story behind it that in its self is truly remarkable. The idea of creating a 3D ring to achieve the concept of the Tyne Bridge was so clever.
I will treasure it for the rest of my life.“

Please visit our Highland Wedding Rings website for more on our custom made rings.

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