Celtic Knotwork Hearts on Bespoke Titanium Wedding Rings

CJ210-TitaniumHeartRingsWe designed and made these rings for Heather and Joe incorporating an abstract Celtic heart intertwining knotwork design. They’re made in Aerospace grade Titanium and have been given a high polish finish with a personal inscription engraved inside.
Here’s the email we received from the couple before their wedding:
“Hi Rab and Tanya,
We don’t just like the rings we think they’re wonderful!
You have captured everything we wanted in the design. The presentation box was a nice touch and will be a treasured keep sake. Thank you so much for everything. Tomorrow we exchange our rings, and are both so excited.
We would be honoured if you would include our comments on your blog, and you can be certain that whenever possible, we will recommend you to others. Once again thank you both for everything.
Best wishes, Heather and Joe”

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2 Responses to Celtic Knotwork Hearts on Bespoke Titanium Wedding Rings

  1. Pauline Green. says:

    Heather & Joe are beautifull friends of mine.
    These rings are Stunning .
    Now I am looking forward to seeing them both after their Honeymoon, and look forward to seeing these works of art.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Pauline x
    I would love to learn the meanings of Celtic, and the designs too.

  2. rach says:

    Joe and heather Are very good friends of mine and my husband Sam,I’m so happy for them,and like Pauline above cannot wait to see them or there beautiful rings,they look gorgeous and itsloverly to know everything Joe and heather wanted together will always be in there hearts,and in there rings, love rach xx

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