Custom Celtic Wedding Bands for Nefer & Nick from California

Custom Celtic Wedding Bands
We designed and made these wedding bands for Nefer & Nick. They kindly wrote to us with the following when they got home after their honeymoon;

“We don’t wear jewelry often so we wanted our wedding rings to be beautiful and durable to us. After many hours of shopping and research we thought about settling for plain bands. Several jewelers appealed to us but nothing really grabbed us! We came across Rainnea’s website and found their designs wonderful! After going over some initial design thoughts, we learned that they’d help us customize a design!
Meeting Rab and Tanya and picking up our rings was our favorite part of the honeymoon. They’re kind, patient, and skilled. Tanya is always very communicative and responsive, Rab has a great eye for design and Keith created accurate renders of our rings. They provided feedback to improve our design, and we couldn’t be happier with our wedding rings! We strongly recommend contacting them if you see what you like.
Thank you so much Rab and Tanya! They are rings that we’ll proudly and happily wear for the rest of our lives. 🙂
Nefer & Nick from California”


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