Thor’s Hammer in Swedish Damasteel Damascus

Thor's Hammer in Damasteel Damascus
Here’s something a little different ! I made this Thor’s Hammer as a Christmas present for an old friend born in Sweden. It’s made from an offcut from the Swedish Damascus (Damasteel) which we import for our Sgian Dubh blades.

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2 Responses to Thor’s Hammer in Swedish Damasteel Damascus

  1. Kev says:

    Hi, How much would it cost to have a thors hammer in the Swedish damacus damasteel pendant shown on your site? What are the dimensions and weight please etc.
    Thanks in adavance. Kev.

    • Rainnea says:

      Hi Kev, I made that approx. an inch and a quarter tall from 3mm thick bar, I could make one for you in any size from around half an inch upto around 3 inches tall, price from £285 to £350 depending upon size. How soon would you need it ? I’d need to check the waiting list to see when I could make it for you.

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