“Còig coin air chuthach am fàinne” Celtic Hound Pendants

"Còig coin air chuthach am fàinne" Celtic Hound Pendants
We designed and made this set of special pendants for Dr Shane who asked us to create something special for his wife, Mary. The name of the design is “Còig coin air chuthach am fàinne” in Gaelic which translates approximately to ‘5 crazy hounds in a circle’ signifying the couple’s 5 dogs.
The set consists of one white and one yellow gold pendant each holding a central emerald along with one silver pendant holding a central ruby.
Dr Shane has kindly allowed us to quote his comments:
“The pieces are exquisite. Mary loves them, and her comment when I gave the first one to her was “I’m going to wear one of them all the time.” My staff are all impressed with the workmanship, and the detail.”

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