Sgian Dubh with Swedish Damasteel Blade, African Blackwood Handle, Silver Fittings With Custom Engraving, and Natural Cairngorm Pommel Stone.

Sgian Dubh with Damasteel Blade, African Blackwood Handle, Silver Fittings, and Natural Cairngorm Pommel Stone.
I made this custom Sgian Dubh with the motto, ‘Strength & Honour’ cut into the ferrule.
Paul, who commissioned this had kindly allowed us to reprint his email;
“My best man gift to the groom was the custom Sgian Dugh that you made.  I presented it to him an hour before the service, his reaction was truly emotional.  The workmanship, materials and beauty of the Sgian Dugh made me proud to give it and made John very proud to receive it.  Thank you for having made this for me.  You made a large contribution to the wedding of a couple you will never meet.  I can only pass on my thanks for your efforts and let you know that your work will be appreciated forever.
Many thanks, Paul”

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