Piper’s Sgian Dubh ~ Made with Ebony, Fife Red Jasper, Sterling Silver and Damascus

Piper's Sgian Dubh
This Sgian Dubh was commissioned by a piper and I’m glad to hear it’s going to get regular use. It’s the first to use one of our new Damascus Sgian Dubh blades.
We’ve been kindly granted permission to print Phil’s email below:

Hi Rab,
Arrived this morning, wore it this evening…………………….
Thank-you seems slightly inadequate, but thank-you very much!
I have rarely seen sgian dubhs of this quality. It is the work of a Master Cutler. Fits the hand and hose-top perfectly, the silver is clean and simple, the carving classic and red jasper just sets the whole thing off. Few cutlers seem to be making blades of this quality these days, much less for sgian-dubhs. A sgian-dubh that is also a working knife is inspired. It feels like an old friend already.
Thank-you for managing to fit me into your busy schedule, worth the wait and an absolute pleasure to do business with you. I would not hesitate to recommend Loch Ness Origins to anyone. Hope to be in touch in the future with another commission.
Kind Regards, Phil

Info on our Custom Sgian Dubhs.
Sgian Dubhs at our Loch Ness Origins Webshop

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