Exclusive New High Quality Sgian Dubh Blades

We’ve just received our first batch of exclusive high quality Sgian Dubh blades from one of Sheffield’s oldest knife-making companies. These are the result of many months of development and have been made to our own exact design and specifications.
We are offering these blades in D2 High Carbon Tool Steel, Gujranwala High Carbon Damascus and following our recent visit to the Swedish foundry, RWL34 high grade Stainless Steel.
As you can see from the photo, the Sgian Dubh blade we have designed features a gentle radius between blade and tang for extra strength. Our own blades are also heavier, being made from thicker steel stock than standard blades.
Other options of steel, including Swedish Damasteel are under development.New Sgian Dubh Blades
These are now available through our webshop as part of our Sgian Dubh Kits, seperately at Sgian Dubh Blades and components, and as an option on my custom Sgian Dubhs.

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