Sourcing Sgian Dubh Materials in Sweden

Damasteel Damascus FoundryWe’re just back from Sweden where we were visiting the Damasteel foundry in Söderfors. Having used Damasteel on special Sgian Dubh orders for many years I’d have to say that they make some of the best Damascus commercially available through their own highly specialised process. We discussed the history of the trade and use of Swedish steel in Scotland which goes way back, as do the many links between our two countries. I hope to mark this with a special commemorative piece, perhaps using a custom Damascus pattern, an example of which is shown in the photo below.Damasteel Damascus Foundry

MackMyra Distillery
We also visited the new Mackmyra Whisky distillery which is being built a little further north. On the right in the photo above you can see one of the new stills, which were specially made in Scotland. Their whisky is remarkably good and the smaller casks use 100 year old Swedish oak at the ends. I think these would be very suitable for recycling into Sgian Dubh / Sgian Brew handles – it’d be great to buy a cask worth of wood with the whisky still in it !

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2 Responses to Sourcing Sgian Dubh Materials in Sweden

  1. Lynda Ariel Hagen says:

    Aye…and perhaps the red-hot Swedish damasteel
    ought to be cooled by plunging into said whiskey…
    as a final touch?:-D

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