Alabama Damascus Sgian Dubh Blades

Just recieved these few samples of Sgian Dubh blades by Alabama Damascus in the US made to my specifications and design. They look and feel pretty good, I’ve polished two and left two as they arrived, see what you think:
Alabama Damascus Sgian Dubh Blades
Technical Specifications:
4 layers of 5160 oil hardening high carbon,  3 layers 203E low carbon nickel steel, 3 layers of 52100, and 3 layers of 15N20.  The steel is forged out and folded 5 times to give 416 layers. Laser cut, precision ground and heat-treated to 58-60 Rc.

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4 Responses to Alabama Damascus Sgian Dubh Blades

  1. Trevor Gardner says:

    I think they are far more impressive unpolished. Are you going to offer these for sale as a component?

    • Rainnea says:

      I think that they do look nicer unpolished as well.
      We’re considering stocking these as a standard option although they’ll be more expensive than Damascus blades from India or Pakistan, but not as expensive as the blades I make from the Swedish Damasteel.
      If you’d like to buy one of the blades in the photo please just drop me an email.

  2. Bill Sanderson says:

    They look nice, but is the steel worthy? If they look good but won’t hold a durable edge, then the decision is an easy one.

    • Rainnea says:

      The company making this Damascus seems to be very highly regarded amongst knife makers and the quality and heat treatment of their steel is very good (I’m updating the post with the technical specifications) so I thought we’d give them a try….

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