Damascus Kilt Pins

What to do with the Damascus offcuts from making Sgian Dubh blades ?
I saw some pendants made by Stuart Wilson and asked if he would consider making some kilt pins in the same style, as you can see the results are outstanding !
More info on our main site under Custom Kilt Pins.

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2 Responses to Damascus Kilt Pins

  1. Will Ferry says:

    Re the “cut-off” kilt pins..
    What a good idea.. especially for the more “modern” who’ll wear a kilt but don’t want all the antique trappings. Being damascene they are all the more lovely, I would think leave them unpolished and the lovely pattern should show up more.. unusual and quite special. Well done, smart move..

  2. Rainnea says:

    Thanks Will, a good idea on the finish, I’ll try to match them to the blades.

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