Wooden Sgian Dubh Boxes

Bespoke Skean Dhu Boxes
We’ve just had these bespoke wooden boxes specially made for us by Karl at Bespoke Craft in Blairgowrie, Perthshire.
These are custom made in Red Meranti with magnetic catches and in 3 different styles. We’re discussing other woods and options and hope to offer these as an alternative to the card boxes we currently use.  I’d love to get some feedback on these.

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5 Responses to Wooden Sgian Dubh Boxes

  1. I love them! they look great, what king of wood? are you going to have your label added to them? maybe a brass plaque or some thing!

  2. Rainnea says:

    The next box is going to be in Amazakoue wood which is quite dark, but I’m looking at supplies of oak and bog oak. I can add an engraved brass or silver plaque and maybe put a label on the inside of the lid as we do with our current boxes.

  3. Lynn McNeil says:

    Glad to see the wooden boxes! Waiting to see how the bog oak works out–even if just as trim. Also love a bit of silver band with knotwork…
    Still haven’t found a fitting keeper for the beautiful sgian dubh you created!

    • Rainnea says:

      Hi Lynn,
      Great to hear from you. As you can see I’m working with two box makers while I’m concentrating on the Sgian Dubhs and small jewellery.
      I’m not sure of the best way to securely add a silver band all around the box yet, but easy enough to inlay a silver clan crest or name plate into the lid.
      Anyway, I’ll have a bog oak box made and we’ll see what trim options might work.

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