The DeGrussa Sgian Dubh

I completed Terry DeGrussa’s Sgian Dubh in time for his birthday, this has been a rather special commission featuring his family coat of arms engraved onto a silver plate set in an ebony handle, his name set into the sheath and topped off with a Fife Red Jasper pommel stone :
DeGrussa Sgian Dubh

DeGrussa Sgian Dubh
Here are Terry’s comments upon receiving his Sgian Dubh;
“…I was really pleased with it. I can’t stop looking at it. It has been a pleasure for me as well dealing with you both during the process of getting everything right for the final item. I am over the moon with the Sgian Dubh it surpasses the expectation I had at the start. The workmanship which has been put into this Sgian Dubh is outstanding I will be so proud to wear it….”
( Terry runs the website )

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