Hi !

Welcome, this is my first post on our blog.
We’ll be using this blog instead of the ‘What’s New’ page on our main website at www.rainnea.com.
Here we can share with you what we’re working on and what we’ve been up to.
I hope to keep it reasonably up to date, so please check in now and again.

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4 Responses to Hi !

  1. KDT says:

    just checkin in and have subscribed

  2. Gillian Campbell says:

    Hi Folks, just seen this for the first time, ‘what’s new’ site looks great on the iPad! The new rings look fantastic! Hope all is going well, Gillian xxx

  3. Jacky Young says:

    Hi, Just spent the last two days looking through your web site, looks like you have the best of both worlds, as in where you live and your work products. will be in touch for a quote on a Sgian Dubh.
    Just subscribed so hopefully you will let me know when you reopen your order book.
    Aw The Best
    Jacky Young

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